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With over 49 years experience, T.P. Electric offers a vast array of electrical services, using the highest quality materials installed by professional licensed personnel.  Whether it’s a new project, ensuring your company meets the requirements of the Electrical Code, or correcting audit deficiencies, T.P. Electric will be happy to provide a quote for your electrical needs.  Some of our electrical services include:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

  • Stand-by Power Requirements

  • Utility Generator Power

  • Diesel Generator

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (U.P.S.)

  • Control Panel Building

  • Power Distribution

  • Office Redesign

  • High Voltage Service Upgrades

  • Lighting Projects Relating to the ecoENERGY Retrofit Program

  • Infrared Scanning

  • Excavation and Repair

  • Meter Base Upgrades

  • Delta Wye Conversions

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